The Cat of Nine Tails: Part I

by Riley

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Written and recorded by:
Eric Bluebaum
Christopher Warman
Joey Kirby
Colin Pauley
Alex Grace


released May 2, 2012

Recorded and Mixed by: Brian Whitten at Centre City Studios
Mastered by: Eric Tuffensam at Moonlight Studios
Album Photo: Amanda Jasnowski
Album Design: Eric Bluebaum

Thanks to these people for contributing to this band:
Brian Whitten, Jake Smith, Alex Grace, Hunter Reed, Eric Tuffendsam, Amanda Jasnowski, Mark Eshleman, Max Spang, Ryan Baum, Daniel Prince, Brian Chesser, Devinn Jones, Joe Burns, Alex Swift, Jake Hauser



all rights reserved


Riley Dayton, Ohio

Riley is a four piece band based in Dayton, Ohio.

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Track Name: Chapter II: Looking Back
It was a long winter where the last of us broke our breaths

When the hull hung low and droned
It was the first and last days of innocence

What happened here

And as we walked the halls and scale the rooms
I Wonder what horrors happened here

We wont leave until we figure this out
I won't forget this house

I remember the mold thickening in my lungs filling me with misery
I remember the brothers mending into one
Track Name: Chapter III: Nomads
With our feet in the snow cold cotton grabbing ankles
We knew not where where to go but why we needed to leave here
I could stand in the snow forever but if I don't shake this feeling soon I'll be dead within the hour

Snow angels carry us away
Father come back to me someday
I'd like to live a life worth living,
But I don't think its quite for me

Fumbling through the years
The rocks on our backs tell tales of escapes and virtues
Of what we could and couldn't have
So why am I still breathing?
Track Name: Chapter VIII: Street Ten
Street ten finds a man alone in a bar drowning the site of his Future wife laying with another man
Jesus christ! alone couldn't comfort him so he went to a hole and Found himself a bowl of whiskey
And had shots for seconds

Four years apparently wasted
As well as the money for that ring
When did together forever wear off
I would assume after that last sip of alcohol
And couple of smooth words from a fitter man

After tonight I think I'd rather die than have to think about living life
After this betrayal

Have you seen my brother?
He's in a bad place, in a bad state of mind
I've gotta find him before he looses the rest of it
I've gotta find him before he finds a bridge

Two sons in an automobile
Two sons a frantic mess
Two sons chasing the tail of death
Two sons will soon find the meaning

In an unfortunate twist of fates
Their cars brought them both to the same place
Both speeding around the street ten ridge
Both speeding around the street ten bridge
With the strength of emotions they each felt
But only one forgot to wear a seat belt
And at the moment Jonah vaguely laid eyes on
Something over this abridged horizon

When the headlights came over the hill
They burnt his eyes like seeing the sun for the first time
And when the cars collided a body bridged the gap
It was his brothers head that broke through the windshield and into his lap
And in a drunken attempt to hold him close to his chest
Like his brother had done for him when they were kids
Oh how his brother had cared for him
He screamed and he cried as tears welled in his eyes
As his older brother released his last breath of life
So he left the corpse of what was once his kin
And ran into the night so no one would see him again

So no one would know he killed the last thing that cared for him
So no one would know the sin he committed that night on street ten